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Blogging my journey of living with Lupus Nephritis and Lupus SLE. I was diagnosed at the young age of 16 in 2011 and have been living with this auto-immune condition throughout my adult life. Part of my childhood was affected by Lupus and I was originally cared for at Alderhay Children’s Hospital.

Going through pregnancy and motherhood at 23 took a turn on my health and condition. I was diagnosed 6 months post birth with Lupus Nephritis type 3 and 5 after leaking protein throughout my pregnancy. My real life experience blogged on my page follows me through finding new treatments to keep my Lupus at bay. I write about my truthful experience through all of the different treatments and medications I take to try and battle this life long disease.

My Rituximab biological infusion experience, also known as Rituxan, seemed like a perfect option. However, due to an allergic anaphylaxis reaction to the infusion, most likely the rat protein involved, I am no longer able to take this treatment. Currently I am on the hunt for something right for my body.

Motherhood is also a challenge in itself, never mind battling this with Lupus. Everyday is unknown and I must be prepared for anything. Family and friends are what you need most to pull through such a tough chronic disease.