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For Lupus patients like myself, pregnancy is a long and complicated process. Not only should we plan our pregnancy at least 1 year in advance, but once pregnant it is seen as a high risk 9 months. That’s if we last that long, many Lupus births are induced earlier. On top of that, we must also avoid pregnancy whilst in a flare, or taking medications that are harmful to the baby. The majority of medications prescribed to treat Lupus and other auto-immune conditions are not safe during pregnancy. This is where Mira Fertility comes in.

I have always had irregular cycles, most likely due to all of the medications I take. Not only is Mira able to help me with natural family planning, but it is also helping me learn about my body’s cycle and hormones.

Mira Fertility tracker device
Mira Fertility

What is Mira?

Mira Fertility is the first fertility tracker to provide a *99% accurate reading based on actual hormone levels. It is able to give you up to a *6 day fertile window and *only during those days are able to get pregnant. This is what makes Mira so different to other fertility trackers as it predicts your full fertile window. This gives you more chances to get pregnant or avoid. 

What Mira measures

It measures your Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and Estrogen (E3G) levels from a simple urine sample taken at home. The test takes 15 minutes, results are read on the device, or can directly sync to your mobile via the free Mira App. Here you will be able to accurately track your cycle and Mira will learn your pattern the more you use it.

How LH and E3G hormones help:

• Luteinizing hormones (LH) help to control your menstrual cycle. It also triggers the release of an egg from your ovary. A sharp surge in LH readings indicate that ovulation is about to take place within 24-48 hours. These are your two most fertile days, so if you’re trying to conceive, this is your best time to try!

• Estrogen (E3G) hormone plays a major role in the development of female reproductive functions like menstrual cycle regulation. Prior to ovulation, estrogen levels increase which allows Mira to detect a complete fertile window of *up to 6 days. Not only that, but it also helps diagnose menstrual issues, discover infertility causes, and monitor infertility treatments too.

Information taken from the Mira website here

Mira fertility plus starter kit

As pictured above, it comes with the Mira fertility device, a protective case, charging cable, 10 urine pots and 10 testing sticks which is enough for 1-2 cycles. The device itself feels very premium, with a nice rubber-like texture providing a comfortable and easy grip. The screen is easy and clear to read and I love that you can connect it to the Mira App!

How the device works

After turning the device on, a QR code appears which will take you directly to the app in your phone’s app store. Once you have downloaded the app, it is very simple to connect via Bluetooth. Your app will then record any future readings to help create a pattern in your cycle and hormones for a better understanding of your body.

How to test:

A test is completed by dipping a testing wand into your urine for 10 seconds. Once complete you simply switch the cap to cover the side dipped into the urine, and insert the other end of the wand into the Mira Fertility device. After 15 minutes a result will appear on your screen and sync to your connected mobile app.

What other uses is Mira Fertility good for?

Mira is more than just a fertility tracker. It can help with a lot when it comes to women’s health. The hormone levels recorded can be useful in helping to conceive, avoid pregnancy, natural family planning, cycle tracking, hormone tracking to aid in fertility treatments, managing irregular cycles, PCOS or hormone imbalances, menopause and more. 

For me, I am using the tracker to help avoid pregnancy until it is safe for us to extend our family further. It is also comforting and interesting to learn about my hormones because of the irregular cycle I have experienced since being on so much Lupus medication. 

Mira Fertility tracker device and testing wands
Mira Fertility – use code RUBY25 for £25 off your starter kit!

£25 off your Mira starter kit

It is a smart little device and I am so pleased to be able to share my discount code which will save you £25 off your very own Mira Fertility Plus Starer Kit! You can use code ‘RUBY25’ at checkout on your Starter Kit here. It is a smart, versatile and portable device to have, not only for fertility tracking but also to understand your body better. 

I hope you find it as useful as I have!

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*Statistical information as provided by Mira.

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