Second trimester pregnancy with twins


2nd trimester pregnancy with twins

After an eventful first trimester, I was hoping that second trimester would give me some relief. It was horrible not being able to stomach any good food, not only because I was missing out on eating but also the mum guilt of not providing our babies with a nutritiously filled meal.

It took an extra few weeks however the nausea and morning sickness finally did settle and I got my appetite mostly back. I say mostly because I wasn’t particularly hungry, I feel like I was eating more for the sake of eating than actually craving food, but at least I could eat!

Food cravings

One thing I did crave was spicy food, everything I ate I wanted to add chilli oil or spicy sauces to it. Or for snacks I’d be looking for the spicy crisps and instant ramen. Not the healthiest but better than nothing.

Since finding out about the twin pregnancy, I had prepared myself to get very big, very early on. However honestly my bump didn’t seem to pop until the normal time a bump pops (after 20 weeks) which I was surprised about. It felt like I had been waiting for my belly to make an appearance for ages.

Pelvic girdle pain (PGP)

Although my bump didn’t seem much bigger than my singleton pregnancy, I developed bad PGP from quite early on in the second trimester. Disclaimer – I have already been suffering from hip pains ever since having Harvey 5 years ago, so this pregnancy probably just added to the strain on my hips.

I got referred to pregnancy physio, which wasn’t all that great. They didn’t examine me and only spoke to me, giving me the impression she just wanted me gone. Sent me home with some printed out pieces of paper from online sources and that was all. It felt like a huge waste of time. Hopefully they are not like that with everyone. I ended up just investing in a bump support belt from BabyGo and it helped drastically. I also got the sleeping and nursing bras which are so comfortable!

Link to the BabyGo support belt I used and a photo of me wearing it.

Wearing the baby go support belt

Growing belly = itchy!

Ooooh my if only I could put into words how itchy my belly got, even at the early stages! I tried so many oils and creams but absolutely nothing beat Mama Mio tummy rub butter and oil combination. If you are suffering, try this out! I think I’m going to continue using this after pregnancy too as it’s so moisturising and smells lovely too.

Gender reveal & 4D scan

We found out the babies’ genders at 16 weeks gestation and had our 4D scan at 24 weeks, both at Window to the Womb. Our 9 week early scan was also here where we found out there were 2 babies in my belly! The team working there were absolutely amazing, so friendly, helpful and informative. All of the scans were great, we didn’t feel rushed at all and got to ask all the questions we had without feeling like we were asking unnecessary questions.

Here is the link to their website incase you are interested. We purchased two gorgeous heartbeat bunnies (which big brother Harvey picked out) and 2 small confetti cannons. I was hesitant about the small sized canons (as there is also medium and large) however as we were only going to do it at home with Harvey, we figured it would be enough. It was plenty for our little reveal!

You can watch the little reel of our reveal I made here. I’d imagine you would need at least the medium if you are doing an outdoor reveal.

Planned cesarian

I was keen to have a cesarian date booked in, just so that I have a sort of aim for when the babies would arrive (yes I am aware that things will likely not go as planned). However it was just nice to have a date! My consultant obstetrician who also looked after me for my first singleton pregnancy was more than happy to give me a date at my 20 week appointment. Which yes in hindsight is ridiculously early, however there is nothing wrong with planning ahead.

2nd trimester purchases

We attended the baby show in Manchester and managed to secure an amazing deal for the Doona isofix car seat strollers. I’ve had my eye on this car seat since my first pregnancy however I didn’t take the plunge at the time. This time with having school runs to do and errands with 2 babies I knew it was the car seat stroller I wanted and needed in my life! We purchased from one of the stands from a small business based in Kent I believe called Little poppets & co who were very helpful. After I got home I decided I wanted the limited edition gold colour way and they were more than happy to change this as it had not been ordered yet. Delivery was really quick too so I definitely recommend attending the baby shows near you to get some great deals if you are pregnant or have a baby! Here’s a photo of the pram below and unboxing video here.

Doona car seat stroller in limited edition gold

For our main doubly buggy I have my eye on the Bugaboo donkey 5. The only issue is Bugaboo are notorious for not offering any discount anywhere (except on old models), the most I could find was 10% at my time of looking however since then I have now learnt that John Lewis offer 15% if you spend over £1500 if you book a in store baby appointment!

On to the 3rd trimester

I feel that the second trimester has honestly flew by with very few hiccups along the way. Babies are growing great with a ~5% discordance which is really good for twins. So far touch wood there are no issues with babies and I am able to enjoy my pregnancy.

Now onto the 3rd trimester where they say it gets hard, exhausting and uncomfortable. Yay me!

Thank you for reading as always.

Much love,

Ruby xXx

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