Twin Pregnancy announcement!


Yep, you read that right – we are pregnant with twins! This has no doubt been the hardest secret to keep, but it has also been so lovely having this amazing news to enjoy to ourselves for the past few months.


Warning: If pregnancy is a trigger or a sensitive subject for you, please stop reading now. I will continue to share my experiences throughout my Pregnancy on my blog.


We are so excited to be able to finally share this twin pregnancy news with you all! I will of course be documenting my personal and honest experience of each trimester and any other related symptoms or topics I feel are worth sharing. My experience will be from a Lupus and pregnancy perspective, as well as from a twin pregnancy perspective.

Twin pregnancy and lupus

Pregnancies for me are already quite a high risk, so to add twins into the mix as you can imagine, makes me extremely high risk. I will be writing about everything from planning for pregnancy with Lupus to how having twins affects me, my care, appointments and my feelings. This is definitely a topic that has not been spoken about much, (trust me I’ve been trying to find more information on people with Lupus and twins) so I thought I’d share my journey so at least there is something out there for any future parents to be to read.

There’s so much to share, for now I will leave you to soak this news in that little old me (I’m only 4ft 10.5inch) has 2 babies in her belly. Wish us luck!

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Here’s a link to my previous pregnancy post on getting pregnancy for my first singleton pregnancy 5 years ago ♡


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