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I have been so excited to not only finally have a baby camera, but to have the lollipop baby camera. After shopping around for the perfect baby monitor, I realised there are a few things I was looking for in my baby camera to keep up with my now energetic crazy toddler. The Lollipop Baby Monitor kept popping up and we have been lucky enough to be gifted this wonderful camera. 

Baby Camera Design

First things first, lets talk about how stylish this camera is! It’s the first thing you see when opening the box, and it is just stunning, especially when comparing against other baby monitors on the market. The design is sleek, modern and child friendly. As the name suggests, it looks like a lollipop and it comes in 3 super fun and playful pastel colours: Cotton Candy, Turquoise or Pistachio. The most unique feature of this camera is its ability to wrap around almost anything, the leg (or tail as I like to call it) is made from a non-toxic silicone material and is extremely flexible, allowing it to wrap around almost anything. We currently have ours curled around Harvey’s cot, but this may change in the future if he tries to pull it down. 

Packaging & Contents

Every details has been thought of for this product, right down to the packaging. The box is solid and sturdy to protect its contents. Each ‘category’ of the product sits in its own little box, neatly tucked away. The individual boxes even have little baby feet pattering along the side, it is just so adorable and aesthetically pleasing to look at! This is where it causes me problems as I don’t want to get rid of the packaging (I am a complete box / bag hoarder incase you didn’t know).

Inside the box it comes with:

  • Lollipop Baby Camera
  • UK and EU plug head
  • USB to Micro-USB cable
  • Tree-like wall mount with sticky pad and wall screws
  • Crib attachment
  • Adhesive cable tidy to keep the wire tucked away safely
  • Alcohol wipe to clean surfaces before sticking the wall mount on


There’s nothing worse than a complicated installation, especially when it comes to baby products. Nobody has time for a complex product, especially not parents! Luckily Lollipop have made it ridiculously easy and versatile to instal, suitable for all homes, it can be propped almost anywhere! The flexible leg has an lovely texture to it, the material is soft and non-toxic for the baby (incase they start to chew on it – although lets hope not!). 

There are 3 ways to instal this camera:

  • Wall mount: Using the tree-like stand provided, stick or drill this to the wall for a sturdy mount.
  • Attached to the crib: Wrap the leg around the crib’s side and simply adjust the camera head in the direction you’d like (as I said before, it’s super flexible!).
  • Self-standing: Curl the leg at the bottom to create its own stand, and place on a flat surface.

The various ways to set up your Lollipop Baby Camera

Lollipop Innovation

This camera has very modern and innovative technology. The features that come with it are FREE to use and so practical. 

Play various musical tracks and white noise to calm baby

My top 3 features:

  • Event List – Probably my favourite, not only can I scroll back through the day / night to see what my baby has been up to, it also saves a short 30-second clip of any ‘events’ that happen. This means that when baby cries or there is any significant or unusual noise, the app will automatically save a clip from that time for you to look back on and see exactly what happened to cause baby to cry. This is an absolutely free service and is such a great feature to have. 
  • Baby DJ – Thats right, I can 2 way audio with my baby and also play music or white noise via the app from selected tracks provided by Lollipop. This is super handy as it helps baby to calm and sooth when it comes to nap / bed time.
  • True Crying Detection – The noise detection on this camera is very accurate, it can differentiate between the sound of my baby crying, or just some regular background noise. You can also set the number or decibels before receiving an alert. 

Other Amazing Features:

  • Super clear night vision, great for nap time.
  • 2-way audio for you to chat to baby when you are not there.
  • Cross detection – Set a line for your baby not to cross, this will be handy when your baby is on the move and being a little monkey!
  • Multi-streaming on one screen if you have multiple Lollipop cams.
  • Audio monitor – Allows you to turn your phone screen off whilst still listening to the baby camera, handy for when completing some housework!

Optional Extra

An additional accessory which can be purchased for £55.00 is The Sensor which attaches to the wall. This sensor is super smart and will report back to you the room temperature, humidity and air quality which can be very useful especially in those early newborn days. 


The price is around average for a baby camera (RRP £145.00). However when comparing against other monitors, considering all of the features and the completely free service which allows you to scroll back through time and the short 30-second event clips it saves (something like this would usually be on subscription!), it is a very good deal. You are getting more than what you pay for from other monitors out there which is why I highly recommend it.

Currently it is on sale for £123.25 on Amazon UK, use my link below to purchase! Or visit my Amazon Shop to see what other items I love!

A few more photos of my little one and the Lollipop Baby Camera ♡

*This Lollipop Baby Camera has been gifted, however the review is my own truthful opinion and is in no way endorsed.


  1. We have this camera and I completely agree with you , it’s amazing. I love how modern and sleek it is xx

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