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Potty training is every parents’ daunting task, forever changing bedsheets, days out with multiple changes of clothes, making sure there’s always a toilet near by. Anything to make it easier for both you and your toddler!

What I needed

I wanted a potty that was practical and space saving for use at home, as we live in a small flat we have very limited storage space. I also wanted something comfortable for my little one to sit on that would boost his confidence when using the toilet, that’s when I came across this toilet seat by Angelbliss*, it ticked all of my boxes and more! Apologies in advance for photos of our toilet, it’s not the most glamorous and as you can see the space is very cramped for us which is why I wanted something space-saving and compact. 

The Design

The seat itself is stylish and discreet unlike most other potties on the market, this is one thing I like most as it looks good in our small home. The spill-proof seat has a high guard to avoid any leaks and spillages which has worked a treat for us so far, capturing all of his wee perfectly!


I love the fact that it is ergonomically designed using high quality BPA free and soft PU material to protect my baby’s bottom. It has a patented adjustable snap and front anti-slip bezel underneath to keep the seat securely in place. The seat also has two grip handles on either side for baby to hold onto, offering extra security for your little one to gain confidence.

Storage and Cleaning

There is a super handy hook on the back to hang the potty for easy and convenient storage which is perfect for us. The back of the seat has a high back to protect your baby’s spine and has buttons to push the rubber seat out for easy and thorough cleaning. As the material is smooth and waterproof, it makes cleaning so quick and easy, simply use a spray and wipe down after each use!

Angelbliss Potty Training Seat
The high guard in the front creates a spill-proof seat

Final Thoughts

We are still in the early stages of potty training – just getting him used to the seat and what to do but so far we are extremely happy with this toilet potty training seat. It is so easy to install, store and comfortable for my little one to use. It is also quite a stylish potty compared to most on the market if I’m honest. I have no complaints yet, we have been using this for a couple of months now and my toddler enjoys sitting on his big boy seat!

If you’d like to purchase this item, please click here to visit my amazon shop with my other product recommendations, and below is a direct link to the potty itself!

*We were kindly gifted this item from Angelbliss

Thank you for reading, I hope this review has helped you as we truly do love this product. Please feel free to leave a comment or message me if you have any questions.

Love to all xXx


  1. Love the review, I’m going to go and check this out as I’ll be potty training my little one. Thanks for sharing xx

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