Harvey turns 2!


Happy 2nd birthday my boy!

To my little monster, who knew my heart could hurt with how much love I feel for you. Every day with you is a dream that is now my reality. How have you turned 2 already, I remember carrying you in my belly on all my journeys and now you’re out exploring on your own two feet! 

This post is just for your birthday, this year we didn’t buy you anything special, instead we made memories ♡

Saturday 8th – Sunday 9th February 2020

We spent the weekend with your favourite friend Lyra, honestly you absolutely love her!

(I’m not sure she feels the same way 😂)

Every time I show you a photo of Lyra you shout “Lyra!” in your high-pitched excitement tone & it makes you so happy 😍.

We spent the Saturday at the World Museum in Liverpool , Bubbles World of Play, Ropes & Twines Coffee shop and generally chilling. On Sunday we had an early brunch date at Moose Cafe in Liverpool before Lyra and her mummy and daddy went back home. The weather was horrendous because of storm Dennis, and by that I mean doors blown open and flooding inside the restaurant. We were lucky to get there early before the restaurant filled up and they had to lock the doors from the wind and rain. We had a delicious full-fat American breakfast whilst the two of you made a mess 😋.

Next up, in the evening we celebrated with mummy’s friends – some of your favourite aunties and uncles who have spoilt you from day 1. Just a small gathering at Upstairs Cafe in Liverpool. You had a fun time eating ice cream and playing with everyone!

Wednesday 12th February 2020

This day we celebrated with the family – Great grandma “Ah Por”, 2 grandmas “Por Por” & “Ma Ma”, 2 grandads “Gung Gung” & “Ye Ye”, “Owfu” Uncle Seb, “GuGu” Aunty Jen, Aunty Joni and of course Mummy & Daddy. We spent the evening at Sapporo Teppanyaki Liverpool, you had an absolute blast watching the chef perform, he even made a fried egg especially for you as its your favourite!

The Sapporo staff brought out drums and we all sang happy birthday to you, your cake was specially made with lucky edible mah-jong tiles on it by Bon Bon Bakery (Mahjong is your favourite thing right now 🙈)!

Saturday 15th February – Your actual birthday

Storm Dennis was hitting hard on your birthday, and Daddy was ill, so we decided to stay indoors and play instead. We got you a Paw Patrol cupcake set and we had our first baking session together (yes you made your own birthday cupcakes 😋). You loved mixing the batter, tasting the cake mix, and couldn’t wait to get stuck in the icing! Mummy and Daddy sang you your birthday song with a candle and you blew out your first candle all on your own (although you completely missed the first time)!  

That was it to your birthday this year, time has absolutely flown. Lets see what this next year brings us!

Hope you had a happy birthday,

Love you lots always, my boy


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