Mini-me … Lupus and pregnancy


Hello beautiful people,

Today I am most excited to announce to you all that there is a little mini-me on the way. Yup, I’m pregnant!

I have made the decision to blog about my experience in full as much as possible, having searched online about others’ experiences I thought it would be a great way for myself to document as much as possible as I go through this incredible experience for the first time, and also for you all to follow my journey.
My aim is to sugar coat as little as possible and just tell you all the truth, as it happens.

So yes, I will be aiming update this blog more frequently than I have been (sorry about that also!) I have been slacking a little bit *please forgive me* I don’t have any real reason, I’ve just been busy organising/enjoying my life after university and pushed this blog to the side. I do still have a real passion for blogging, and have been saying to myself to blog… but me being me I’ve not made it a priority. Now I have a very important and exciting event happening in my life, I would love to share it with you all.

For now, here is a photo of our little one.

We’re so excited for what’s to come, and I am so ready to take on the challenges that I will undoubtably face. I understand the risks, complications and possible outcomes of what could happen, but I am also ready to face them head on. 

Speak soon & much love to all xXx

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