A play date at Crosby beach


Last weekend was a wonderful bank holiday weekend, for once the weather was glorious throughout it all!

As we live in the UK, we don’t get many opportunities for sunny family days out (never mind a full weekend), however this one was perfect.

Being a young mum, I don’t have any close baby friends as I am the first in my friendship group and family to have a baby – which means yes he is very spoilt with love and affection from everyone which is fabulous to see. This however has also encouraged me a lot more to go out of my comfort zone and meet other mums and babies at different play groups which has been great! Anyway, back to this fun day out – I will write more on this topic in another post.

Luckily my partner has a few friends with babies of similar age and we had arranged for a weekend visit from them over the bank holiday. It was so lovely for them to come up from Birmingham to visit us and just watching the two babies play and interact melted my heart. I can’t wait to see them grow up and be good friends! Their baby girl Lyra is such a lovely, cheeky little soul and I love her sassy personality already!

We started the weekend on Friday 23rd August in the evening where we went for a lovely meal at the Forge Brasserie in Southport. For starters I had whitebait and my main was one of my favourites – Dover Sole – it was cooked perfectly and I couldn’t fault them at all.

The next day was our only full day together – but we definitely made the most of it! Finding fun baby friendly things to do can be a bit of a challenge sometimes, however Liverpool has an amazing museum which is perfect for young children. I chose the World Museum to visit as our friends had never been before and I know it is a great museum with interactive activities and even live animals inside so I thought it would be the perfect place to start, and it was! This museum has a bit of everything, from ancient mummies to a live aquarium, huge dinosaurs to tiny bugs and even takes you into outer space! It also has a lot of heritage and culture inside, educating about the history of places around the world. It is a wonderful museum to visit, and if you ever pass by Liverpool it is a great place to go. I would say 3 hours would give you a comfortable amount of time to go through it all, so it won’t take up too much of your day if you wanted to see more of Liverpool in one day.

After the museum, we were starving – it must of been around 2pm when we got out and we hadn’t eaten yet. (this tends to happen as we are not the best at waking up and getting out early, luckily our friends had had breakfast so they were still half alive).

Next stop, one of our favourite eateries in Liverpool – Elif on Bold Street. My partner and I have been going to Elif since around the time I was pregnant (around 2 years ago) and have always loved it here, perfect food every time. I couldn’t have the Turkish tea whilst I was pregnant as I tried to avoid caffeine when possible, but it is one of my favourite drinks now that I’m allowed! Although I didn’t have it on this visit as the day was just too hot for tea – I stuck with my good old friend, full fat Coke.

For those who have never been, Elif is a Turkish BBQ restaurant (who serve the best humus might I add). Everything is made fresh on their grills and I can honestly say I have never had a bad meal here. Their lunch time special is a bargain – I went for the soup of the day to start (usually it is lentil but I love it) and for mains my standard grilled seabass which is served with rice and vegetables (see photos below). My partner chose wings for his starter, and his favourite charcoal special – the Adana, for his main. I also added an extra side of humus because I can’t come here and not have it, it’s our favourite! Little Lyra loved the chicken from here, and Harvey slept through most of the meal so we got to enjoy our food hot and fresh for once!

After that pit stop, it was around 4:30pm, the weather was perfect – not too hot, not too cold so we decided to go to Crosby beach to play and relax! This was the perfect decision made by John as we got to wind down and relax and it was a fab way to end our day together. As the kids had been in their prams most of the day, they were finally able to let loose and crawl everywhere on the beach, play in the water and jump waves together (by jump waves I mean us parents lifting them up of course). They had a lovely time filling sand buckets, sharing snacks and petting each other (because that’s what babies do apparently). I will insert some cute photos below.

We ended this lovely weekend together the next morning with breakfast at Moose Coffee on Hope Street, Liverpool. This is a quirky breakfast restaurant serving American style breakfasts from pancakes and waffles to bagels and toast. I went with the New Jersey Moose Egg Benedicts which was eggs Benedict served on a toasted bagel with their signature fresh potato hash, and a standard cup of good ol’ English tea – it was a yummy way to start the day! (see photo below). Harvey and Lyra had their mini smashed avocado which is basically avocado toast with salad which they both thoroughly enjoyed picking at!

After this we said our goodbyes as our friends were leaving back to the Brummy land. We will be seeing them again very soon for someones special 1st birthday and we can’t wait!

Thank you for reading, and until next time…

Much love to all xXx

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