Lacura Caviar Day & Night Cream


Affordable skin care

Being a busy mum and working part time, it can be difficult to afford the luxuries I want. Recently I have heard great things from Aldi’s beauty range Lacura, and given how well their Mamia nappies have worked on my little one, and the quality is extremely good for it’s price (1/3 the price of the top brand!) I decided to give their beauty products a go.

So far I have only purchased the Day and Night cream as this is what I was running low on at home. (I’ve been doing this thing where I only buy what I really need when I need it, one thing at a time which has been working well for me money wise).

I opened it up to try as soon as I got home, and to my delight I loved it! At £6.99 a tub of 50ml product, it is similar price to drug store face creams. They also had an even cheaper day and night cream, however I thought I’d go with the slightly more pricey option. The consistency is perfect, it is thick enough so that it applies smoothly, yet not sticky which is one of the main things I look out for – there is nothing worse than a sticky face.

Let me tell you, this cream will last and give you more than your money’s worth! You only need a little to cover your face. I have dry/combination skin so I need a cream that will stay and protect my face throughout the day. The day cream worked a treat, it gives a nice smooth base under my makeup and when I applied my foundation on top there were no signs of nasty flakey skin visible. This is very rare for me and I am so happy with the results.

In the evening, I applied the night cream after cleansing my face as directed, when I woke up in the morning my face felt fresh, soft and bouncy – it was so nice to not wake up feeling dry on my face as I usually do with other night creams I’ve tried in the past.

From the photo above, the top sample is the day cream, this one feels slightly thicker than the night cream and is slightly whiter in colour. This is as expected due to the SPF 15 protection it gives. The night cream feels like a similar formula, it absorbs in more easily and is slightly less thick than the day cream. They both have the same smell just a light fragrance to it, nothing too harsh but it smells expensive.

My overall thoughts – I love the consistency of both creams, it works very well with my dry/combination skin. At the moment, I don’t have any cons for this product, it is affordable, great quality and a little goes a long way. I think these will last me a while!

I hope this review helps for those wanting to try a new, more affordable skin care.

Until next time,

Love to all … xXx

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