Welcome baby Harvey


Introducing our wonderful baby boy, Harvey

My heart just melts every time I look at him, the little noises and cheeky faces he pulls, it’s crazy to think we made him. Born on 15th February, at 36 weeks + 5 days, he decided to come a little earlier than expected…even before our planned 37 week induction date! Now that I have settled in a bit more into motherhood, I’m ready to share my story with you all.

Firstly, I realised I haven’t shared my third trimester, but there is not much to update as things stayed pretty stable for the rest of my pregnancy. 

Now about the delivery, on the 14th February I woke up to a wet bed. 2 thoughts crossed my mind, 

1) I hope I haven’t pee’d myself

2) Actually I hope I have, as I am not packed or ready for the baby yet!

It all became clear as soon as I stood up out of bed, yes – there was water everywhere, and it didn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. I called my partner Johnny who was grumpy and at work, but once I told him my waters had broke, his tone instantly changed into panic, excitement and ‘is this really happening’. My next call was the hospital, who were not too concerned as I was in no pain, meaning my labour hadn’t started yet so they just advised me to go to the hospital as soon as possible. Next up was my parents who had just woken up and obviously not ready for this news.

Johnny arrived home first to help me pack and pick me up, it’s all a crazy rushed blur to me now. We grabbed what we could and headed to hospital. After 2 failed NSTs (Non-stress tests) – meaning the baby was not showing enough movements – they decided to take me straight to the delivery suite and begin induction as my labour hadn’t officially started yet, and the baby’s condition was uncertain. We were carefully monitored throughout the whole labour, however as time went by, progress was very slow and the baby was facing the wrong direction. We attempted to encourage him to turn, but when doing this his heart rate would start racing and causing him stress. I was warned that if not much had changed by early the next morning, it may end up in a c-section.

I really, really did not want a c-section, the moment it was mentioned I burst into tears. But at the same time my labour was not progressing fast enough, and baby was not happy. By that time I just wanted him to be out safely and healthy, I pushed it as long as I could before accepting that it wasn’t going to happen and that the best option was for the section. From then on, I felt frozen in fear. Fear of the operation and fear of how the baby was doing, it all became a blur, I was wheeled into the theatre, rolled from my bed onto the operation table, and made numb from the waist down. In the room felt like a lot of people, none of whom I knew (i’d say around 10 Drs & nurses!), the anesthetic made me shiver uncontrollably, and all I can remember is people talking very fast with each other about me and the baby. Finally they let Johnny into the room and I feel a bit of relief / comfort at this point, the next thing I remember is a crying baby…we both just looked at each other with a huge sigh of relief. They handed me this gross alien looking human (he actually had a bulging head like an alien because of his position in my hips, i’m not just being mean heh). 
After that it was all just a blur, I was still shaking uncontrollably and felt very cold for a couple hours after, but it was all worth it to have our baby here safe and healthy.

Again, sorry for such a late post. Now that my pregnancy journey is over, I will continue to blog about lupus and my life as a new mummy to a gorgeous little boy.

Until next time ♥️


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