Top 5 under-rated baby products (plus an added bonus!)


A parent’s mini guide to my top 5 under-rated baby products! As a new mummy, I was lost with what was truly needed and what was just something I wanted. Just before Harvey was born, we began our first mortgage and were low on money so I didn’t want to go crazy buying lots of unnecessary items. To be completely honest with you I didn’t actually buy much at all in the end because we are lucky enough to have family and friends who showered us with gifts which were a complete life saver!

There are a lot of posts talking about the same items that are needed for a new born… car seat, crib, play mats, nursing pillows etc. I thought I would make this post a little different, to talk about the lesser known baby items which I found extremely useful and made my life as a new parent much easier. 

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My top 5 under-rated baby product picks for new parents

Top 5 baby products

Top 5 under-rated baby products – let’s begin!

1 – Hip Seat Carrier

This item has by far been one of my most used items. I don’t know if it’s because we live in a flat, but it has been a complete life saver. I am a part time working mummy and therefore most of the time whilst daddy pig is out working I am looking after Harvey on my own, juggling between running errands, going to play groups and sorting my own sh- out! 

Whilst we love our Ergobaby 360 carrier for its safe and secure feel, this hip seat carrier I purchased from Bebamour has been used a lot more. This is simply down to how easy it is to put on, how small it is to carry when not in use (it conveniently folds into it’s own bag for potability), and it allows me to pick Harvey up and put him down without having to mess around with a load of clips. I have never heard of anyone mention using a hip seat carrier before, only full body carriers and wraps seem to be advertised most of the time. When I came across it online I knew this would be the perfect solution for me.

After searching through a lot of brands, I chose this one by Bebamour as It is simple to use and light weight. It is also sturdy and durable with a aluminium piped frame around the seat to help baby sit upright, a few I saw online had a seat made of foam with no solid structure around it so it wouldn’t be ideal for posture in my opinion. It was also very practical thanks to the two huge zipper pockets around the waist and under the seat to store your phone, keys, wallet etc, and also a small button pocket under the seat – meaning for short trips I didn’t need to take a bag. I love that it is safe to use from 0-36 months meaning you get a lot for your money, ours is still going strong after 1.5 years!

Here is the exact hip seat I purchased: 

2 – Food Scissors

Every parent has fears of their baby choking on food and with every right, it is a real danger and SO scary to even think about. Even at the age of 2 I still worry, I know he understands to chew his food, but I just can’t trust him completely as he gets distracted so easily.

I purchased these food scissors from Amazon (I actually got the idea from one of my favourite past time films called “Love on a diet” where the scissors are used to portion out food for a diet). These scissors are actually perfect for cutting up food for the baby. The one I purchased came with a handy protector cover and hygienic case for carrying in your bag. These are still so essential for us, especially when eating out so that Harvey is able to try our foods. We love to enjoy all kinds of cuisine in our household, this has enabled us to share our love for food with Harvey in hopes that he will be a total foodie too!

Baby food scissors - great for cutting up food ready for a baby to grab and eat!
Ceramic food scissors with safety guard

The one I purchased is unavailable but here is a similar one:

3 – Teething Powder (Aston Parsons)

Everyone talks about teething gels, toys, and iced fruit feeders to help with a teething baby, however not much is mentioned about teething powders. Honestly this Aston Parsons teething powder worked absolute wonders for us. It was instant pain relief for Harvey, as soon as I put this on his gums he would be back to his normal self soon after. I couldn’t recommend it enough, as a parent there’s nothing worse than not being able to help when baby is in pain.

Ashton & Parsons teething powder - worked like a dream for my teething baby
Ashton & Parsons teething (magic) powder

Here is the teething powder we use:

4 – Travel nappy bag

For the first year of your baby’s life you will most likely go for lots of short trips, e.g. play groups, family centres, weighing clinics, grocery shops. So a lot of the time you don’t need to take a huge baby bag with you, especially if you have a car as you can leave spare clothes and snacks there for just incase. The main thing you need for a short trip is nappies, wipes and a body suit just incase there’s an accident!

I discovered these travel nappy bags which are perfect, it fits 3 nappies, wipes and a spare body suit and has a built in changing mat. They’re easy to carry around and are discreet, good when in a restaurant to just take this instead of carrying a big baby bag to the toilet (I’ve knocked a few people on the head on occasions with a big bag as restaurants aren’t the most roomy of places – oops!). So yes, I highly recommend one of these, great for when visiting peoples homes too.

Here’s the one that we purchased:

5 – Portable fan

Just like the food scissors this is super handy once you’ve started solids. For us we didn’t use pre-made pouches, I’d either make something fresh and store it in a insulated flask, or order something baby friendly. This portable fan is super handy as it can cool food down quickly – Babies are very impatient when it comes to food and still to this day we use it for most meals, just like the scissors! The design is super cute and also has a colour changing light so it helps distract the baby too ☺️

Cute portable fan for cooling down food
Portable fan to cool food down quickly

Here is one similar to the one we purchased, super cute design and small enough to carry around!

Bonus item – No spill snack tub

I refrained from buying this for the longest time as I didn’t believe it would work, but I gave in when I found one on sale and boy was I wrong, they work like a dream. I mostly fill it with fruit or crisps / biscuits for a day out – or even just for a movie night on the sofa. It helps to keep mess to a minimal and allows baby to have more independence without the need to watch over little one. Honestly I highly recommend these no-spill snack tubs. We have the munchkin one however of course you can buy any! 

No spill snack tub works better than I expected!

Here’s the one that we purchased:

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