Motherhood Review | Cosatto Come and Go 360 Car Seat

Review | Cosatto Come and Go 360 Car Seat

I have been eyeing up the 360 car seats for a while now, and 2 months ago we bit the bullet and purchased the Cosatto Come and Go 360 Spin Group 0+/1 Isofix car seat and life has never been easier. Completely wish I bought this 21 months ago!

We purchased the “Dawn Chorus” design (see photo below) which is a lovely dark grey colour (to help hide stains) with a leaf print all over. It also comes with a newborn insert which is super padded and comfortable with a white base colour and a fun colourful bird and leaf design, we haven’t had a chance to use this yet as my son is 21 months now, we will save it for our next. I had been hesitant due to the price, but I’ve said to myself now it’s an investment so it’ll be worth it, the car seat should last until Harvey is around 4 years old (18kg) and we bought it on offer so even better!

The car seat was purchased from the same place we bought our Nuna Mixx Travel System which we have used since birth, this was also an great deal as it came with the full travel system (pram, car seat, isofix base, bassinet and also 3 Joie items – High chair, bouncer and travel cot for free!) the website is and they have some amazing offers, I highly recommend them. The warehouse/store is based in Manchester where they have a small display of prams and accessories, the staff are very friendly and helpful too if you wanted to go an try some prams and baby bits out. If not then ordering online is also great with fast delivery!

Now back to the car seat, as I mentioned the design is gorgeous, material is plush and padded – comfortable for the baby and also super easy to wipe clean for small messes, but you can also throw it in the washing machine for a deeper clean. The spin function is really easy to use, just click this button and spin!

The baby can be rear or forward facing and the base is its own Isofix which is also simple to take in and out (we have one car seat which we switch between the two cars so this was important for us).

Another feature I love is the anti-escape system which helps prevent toddlers from wriggling out of the seat causing distraction and danger. It’s a great function and makes the seat even more snug for the little one I think. As you can see below, my boy loves his new car seat, it has 4 reclining options depending on age/weight for maximum comfort.

All in all, it’s a good car seat and does everything I need it to do. I can’t think of any cons to be honest, design and functionality are both great! My little one is happy and so am I ♥︎

That’s all for now, thank you for reading and I hope this has helped! Feel free to leave a comment below or any questions you have!



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